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Articles by Asad Mian, MD

September 2012: Fifty Shades versus Forty Rules

November 2012: Daisy

December 2012: Ernie
January 2013: Heart Is a Child
February 2013: Fast Medicine (from the Karachi-Houston Diaries)
April 2013: I Feel, I Write, Therefore I Am?
May 2013: Promoting a Better World Through Children's Books (by Frances Allday)
June 2013: Summer Book Launch Event a Success for Biloongra (by Frances Allday)
August 2013: Common People or the Mango Ones (from the Karachi-Houston Diaries)
September 2013: Children's Books From Houston to Karachi: Biloongra Goes Global
October 2013: Rain Drops are Falling On My Head (from the Karachi-Houston Diaries)
November 2013: Jonathan
December 2013: Saffron and Abigail (from the Karachi-Houston Diaries)
January 2014: Gokotta (from the Karachi-Houston Diaries)
February 2014: The Year of the Quail
March 2014: Of Literary and Literature Festivals
April 2014: Billboards of Summer
May 2014: Daisy - Book Launch Preview
June 2014: An Itinerant Observer debuts In Houston (by Frances Allday)
July 2014: An Itinerant Observer - The Inspiration
August 2014: My Hero Versus Yours
September 2014: "Oh Captain, My Captain" A Eulogy and Epitaph for Robin Williams
October 2014: Fast Paced and Action Packed: Ignite Comes to Town (with Rakshinda Mujeeb, PharmD)
November 2014: Biscuit: An Introduction
January 2015: Ten Beliefs

February 2015: Critical Creative Innovative Thinking promoting biomedical exploration and expression globally

May 2015: Letting Ali Die

July 2015: Adopting a baby in five days


Articles by Greenleaf Marketing

January 2015: Do you spend more money on a meal than you do on marketing?

February 2015: No, I don't advertise!

March 2015: Is opportunity knocking?

April 2015: You've got 99 problems but the competition ain't one